Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Investment (Capify)

What is Capify?

What is Capify?Capify is an Aposhashamura product that allows users who are seeking to divert their portfolio & earn more on their savings have designed avenues to invest in pre- assessed low to medium primary and secondary investment opportunities with minimum of N5,000. All investments have the least possible execution risk & proper insurance cover

What is the minimum amount a user can invest with?


Does my investment have a proper insurance coverage?

Yes. Insurance varies by investment type

How can I sign up?

Simply log into https: //aposhashamura.com & click 'Invest' to get started

Is my money safe?

All investments on Aposhashamura have the least execution risk & proper insurance cover. Our Fixed Income Investments are mainly Debt Notes. A Debt Note is a legal document that serves as an IOU from a borrower to a creditor or to an investor. Debt Notes typically obligate issuers to repay creditor the principal loan, in addition to any interest payments, at a pre-determined date.

How is my Debt Note repaid?

The capital invested + interest is paid on the pre-determined date into the user’s wallet on the dashboard. It is the responsibility of the user to take an action of transfer to desired bank account.

Do I pay tax on my investment?

No. A user holds the sole responsibility to declare the investment & pay taxes to the Government as applies.

Can I break my investment at any time?

This varies per investment. For example, a Debt Note has a predetermined date & this type of investment cannot be broken until the set date. However, there are different investment tenor that may fit a user’s plan. There are investments tenor of 30,60,90,180,270 & 360 days.

Ensure you read the terms & conditions thoroughly before subscribing.

Whether you need to Borrow, or you have some free cash to Lend to make some gains, or you have Investment goals, or you need to Save for the rainy day, all on a single platform.