Another means of financial inclusion.

Aposhashamura Affiliate Program is a free marketing program that enables members to earn income by placing referral links on their websites or social media pages to advertise Aposhashamura specific products.

Any sale made by customers who signed up via affiliate link will earn the affiliate marketer a set commission up to 5% of sale worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aposhashamura Affiliate Program is a Free Marketing Program that enables members to earn income by placing a link or links on their Website, or Social Media Pages or Social Groups, to advertise Aposhashamura’s specific products on them. Any sale made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate marketer a set commission. The standard commission rate is currently up to 5% per sale. Check Out Our Commission Structure Here
For more information, visit our FAQ Page or See Our Affiliate Terms & Conditions.

  • If You Are A Registered User on the Aposhashamura Platform, Just Sign into Your Account & Click ‘Affiliate Program’.
  • If You Are Not A Registered User of the Aposhashamura Platform, All you need to do is to Sign Up. Immediately Your Application is Submitted, You Will Receive a User-Credential Required to Access Your Dashboard in your Provided Email Address. You will be required to Change Your Password at First Login & Also Accept the Terms and Conditions.

The Links for the Different Aposhashamura Products for Sale Are Available on The Dashboard. Your Affiliate Membership ID is Embedded in the links so that the System can Capture every Sale referred by you.

You can start marketing the products immediately. However, it is important you get more knowledge on the task ahead. Access your Dashboard & book for a training on the list of the Training Schedules. You can also send a mail to [email protected] to book a more convenient time. Training is important because it represents a good opportunity for marketers to grow their knowledge base and improve their job skills to become more effective in the workplace.

There is absolutely no cost associated with this service. All you need to invest is your time to acquire the knowledge necessary to optimize your actions and maximize your profits through this Affiliate Program.

Once you register as an affiliate marketer, you will receive your access to a Dashboard. The Dashboard contains all Aposhashamura Products that are currently running for sales, and of course, a Wallet that receives your commission when a sale is completed.

If you can send customers to an Aposhashamura's website by posting contents about our products via your social media platforms or placing a banner on your own website, writing an article containing text links or posting an update on your Social Media Profile- story, Status, Broadcast, etc., then convert those to Sales, you will receive commission for these actions.

Aposhashamura Investment Products, for example, have expiry dates. The customer can decide to re-initiate a new investment after maturity. You will also earn commission on this new sale. Infact, you will continue to earn commission on the particular customer as long as the customer buys products attached to Affiliate Marketing Program

Yes. Aposhashamura will require you to adhere to our pre-defined marketing guidelines & Ads contents. We have designed different Ads contents you can adopt for each platform. All you need do is to display simple text links from your page to promote any of the Products, so that your referrals can be captured at all times. However, should you have a content that you want us to adopt, please forward it to [email protected] or WhatsApp 09026652324. You may adopt once it is approved

As often as you would like, provided you choose from our lists of contents. There is no commitment on your side as to which contents you should use or for how long.

Yes. Of course, there are no restrictions whatsoever. You can promote your choice products and services, regardless. However, contents are strictly reviewed and approved by Aposhashamura Affiliate Program Management

Yes. Of course, there is no commitment. You reserve the right to stop promoting a single or all our products at any time. Simply send us a written notice to freeze/close your account via [email protected]

Yes. You are free to choose which Product or services you want to promote. Please note that our affiliate program is currently limited to our Investment products only. You will get updates on new products for affiliate marketing from time to time.

No, You Do Not. You can choose to be paid as an individual by adding your payment preferences after you have received access to the program

This Affiliate Marketing Program involves money. Aposhashamura is a Finance Company & as such renders Financial Services, so this product is Investable Fund backed up by Law & Secured by An Insurance Premium. One of Aposhashamura’s Investment product that has an affiliate program is called ‘Capify’. To learn more about Capify, please Click This Link . And No, this is not a Ponzi or a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme

To Learn More, Read This Publication  FinTech Is The Future of Financial Transactions In Nigeria, published by Aposhashamura Finance Limited in May 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Immediately a Sale is Completed, the Corresponding Commission is Credited to Your Shasha Wallet.

With your Shasha Wallet, you can choose to:

  • - Transfer Funds to Your Preferred Bank Account
  • - Transfer Funds to your Piggy Bank (Savings) Account on the Aposhashamura Platform.
      Your Account is Automatically Linked To Any of Aposhashamura Sevices in case You Choose To Use Any.
  • - Buy an Investment on the Aposhashamura Platform
  • - Pay Bills



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