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Aposhashamura has different products & services in tandem with the multiple regulatory and adaptive business models in ensuring a sustainable environment for the ultimate growth of financial inclusion target- a wider economy.

We understand Financial Technology (FinTech). We know what it takes to provide excellent FinTech Services in Loan, Investment & Savings Management.


Aposhashamura is your one-stop platform tor financial inclusiveness. You can Borrow, Lend, Invest & Save, all these services on a single platform.


Not only is signing up easy. Once you sign up on a service, you may use the same login details to access other services on the Aposhashamura platform.


Aposhashamura has secured requisite Licenses & Approvals from relevant Regulatory Bodies for the successful implementation of our business objects.

Financial Inclusion & the FinTech Industry in Nigeria

The principle of Financial Inclusion has assumed a greater level of importance in recent times due to its perceived importance as a driver of economy growth. It has therefore become an explicit strategy for accelerated economic growth and it is critical for achieving financial inclusiveness in a country. The realization, in the recent past, was the major impetus for the adoption of policies and measures aimed at growing global financial inclusion as a means of promoting world economic prosperity. This strategy focuses to give access to all in these Four key Financial Services. Money Lending, Investment, Payments & Banking.

In 2012, the Central Bank of Nigeria launched the Nigerian National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) and set the target to reduce the percentage of adult Nigerians excluded from access to financial services from 46.3% in 2010 to 20% in 2020. But as at 2016, the percentage of the financially excluded only dropped to 41.6%. Under the new policies of financial inclusion, other industries identified as ‘Other Financial Institutions’ (OFI) were created as a sub-sector of the Financial Services Segment. This led to the advent of the FinTech Industry in Nigeria. These industries are governed by law to adopt & test multiple regulatory and adaptive business models in Money Lending, Investment, Payments & Banking. This is to ensure a sustainable environment for the ultimate growth of Financial Inclusion target- a wider economy.

Our Differentiation Factors

Aposhashamura knows what it takes to build an upscale web and mobile application interfaces that provides excellent FinTech services.
Knowledge of Financial Technology

Aposhashamura knows what it takes to build an upscale web and mobile application interfaces that provides excellent FinTech services.

Clear understanding of the market needs

We are tactically positioned to provide FinTech services to excluded Nigerians in Money Lending, Investments, payments & Banking.

Innovative Culture

Aposhashamura has evolved overtime. We believe in constant innovation, planning & executing disruptive ideas with the latest technologies.

User-friendly Platforms

Our web & mobile platforms are developed with tailor-made business processes that give our customers an amazing FinTech experience on any internet-available device.

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Whether you need to Borrow, or you have some free cash to Lend to make some gains, or you have Investment goals, or you need to Save for the rainy day, all on a single platform.